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TMJ Therapy 


Video showing direct stimulation of deep trigger points of the TMJ using dry needling procedure. 

Treating Jaw & Orofacial Pain

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is just like any other joint in your body because it can become a source of dysfunction and pain.  The good news is that just like those other joints in the body (back, knee, shoulder), it can be treated by a trained physical therapist!  TMJ therapy involves a detailed history of the neck, jaw, teeth, and supporting facial structures.  Appropriate physical therapy can help manage malocclusion (alignment of bite), tooth pain, jaw pain, headaches, tinnitus, and clenching/grinding.  PT is usually a collaborative treatment with your dentist, though a referral is not necessary for an evaluation. 


TMJ pain associated with a deep ache, clicking, and deviation to one side can often be resolved with treatment of the lateral pterygoid muscle. Due to the anatomy of the lateral pterygoid, the majority of the muscle can only be treated using trigger point dry needling.


As I demonstrated in the video, this procedure is a safe process that involves direct stimulation of deep trigger points of the TMJ.  Typically within one or two sessions pain is greatly reduced while range of motion and symmetry are improved. 

TMJ/TMD Treatment: Service
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