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Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab

The Full Story

Growing up the son of a wrestling coach, I was around the sport of wrestling for most of my life.  During that time, I’ve learned two things:


  1. Wrestlers are some of the toughest athletes out there

  2. Sports injuries are common but rarely treated or rehabbed


I’ve been fortunate to work with many high-level wrestlers including an EIWA champion from Lehigh University. Some of the most common injuries I’ve treated in collegiate wrestlers are the same types of sports related injuries I see at my physical therapy practice in Severna Park including:


  1. Neck sprains and trigger points (muscle spasms)

  2. Lower back pain and trigger points 

  3. Knee Sprains (MCL/ACL)

  4. Concussions

  5. Shoulder instability and weakness


In many cases, appropriate physical therapy treatment can be the difference in keeping a wrestler on the mat and able to perform at a high-level or a weekend cyclist who wants to get back on the bike.


Whether you're a collegiate athlete or a weekend sports warrior, I'll provide individualized treatments based on your rehabilitation needs whether dry needling, blood flow restriction therapy, manual therapy, and corrective exercises to reduce pain and improve mobility. 

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